Semi-Presidentialism as a Form of Government: Lessons for Tunisia

“Semi-Presidentialism as a Form of Government: Lessons for Tunisia”, International IDEA & The Center for Constitutional Transitions at NYU Law Working Papers: Consolidating the Arab Spring – Constitutional Transition in Egypt and Tunisia (with R. Stacey) (2013).

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This paper considers the range of institutional design options adopted in a selection of the world’s semi-presidential regimes. Through an extensive comparative analysis, this paper illustrates that the democratic performance of a semi-presidential regime depends to a great extent on the choices that are made among these design options. The Tunisian Constitutional Assembly has proposed a semi-presidential system of government, although there is an ongoing debate over the precise details. Drawing on global experiences, this paper offers comments on the April 2013 draft Constitution of the Republic of Tunisia, as a contribution to the constitutional process still underway.