Canadian Practice
Navigating complex Canadian constitutional and administrative law issues

As Principal of Choudhry Law, I help law firms, governments, businesses and individuals navigate complex issues in Canadian constitutional and administrative law. 

I have been involved in every stage of the litigation process, and I have provided opinions and strategic counsel on a broad range of public law matters, including substantive and remedial issues involving the Charter, federalism, and constitutional amendments. I have litigated judicial review applications and other challenges to administrative tribunal decisions, and I have appeared as counsel in the Supreme Court of Canada several times.

My clients have included:
  • law firms
  • Canadian and foreign governments
  • government commissions and committees
  • public sector agencies
  • large and small private corporations
  • industry trade associations
  • international organizations
  • NGOs
Healthcare expertise

I have provided legal and policy advice to governments, commissions and committees on health care, including:

  • the National Advisory Committee on SARS and Public Health (the Naylor Committee)
  • the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada (the Romanow Commission)
  • Health Canada
Selected representative work by sector
  • Telecommunications: a constitutional challenge to proceedings brought by the Commissioner of Competition seeking an administrative penalty of hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Labour relations: a Charter remedies dispute involving billions of dollars arising out of a constitutional challenge to public sector collective bargaining legislation
  • Agriculture: a constitutional opinion on federal and provincial jurisdiction over agriculture, in the context of a potential challenge to provincial legislation
  • Education: a constitutional challenge to the failure of a provincial government to fully fund therapy for autistic children
  • Social services: a constitutional challenge to the decision of a provincially-funded social service provider on an issue involving child welfare
  • Gaming: a claim for compensation by members of an industry trade association in response to the cancellation of licenses by a provincial regulatory authority
  • Human rights: a judicial review of provincial human rights tribunal to compel it to enforce its contempt powers
  • National security: a constitutional challenge to the detention regime under security certificates issued pursuant the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act; a constitutional challenge to compel the federal government to provide diplomatic protection and documentary discovery to a Canadian citizen detained at Guantanamo Bay
  • Democratic reform: a high stakes federal-provincial dispute over proposed federal legislation to allow for an elected Senate